The Secret of building Five successful startups by Samir Palnitkar

“To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.” – Sr. Thomas Watson
Success is not the end of the line. It is the total summation of all the distress, inspiration and learning gained in the course of achieving it. For Entrepreneurs doing what they love is what gets them going. They wake every single day to apply their everyday goals in workable actions and mindlessly pursue what they love.
These above lines, describes a successful entrepreneur and eventually Mr Samir Palnitkar of Shopsocially. A serial entrepreneur with five successful startups, 5 patents and 2 highly acclaimed books shared his story on Startup Grind Pune. Watch the video to understand what made this man so successful.
Startup Grind Pune Hosts Samir Palnitkar (ShopSocially)

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