The Dawn of Ebbing Mobile Web

There’s not a day that passes, without our lives swirling around the phone and the in numerous applications we use. Starting from the time we wake up till the time we go to sleep the last thing we do is, check our mobile.
There was a time when people forgot their watch and said, “it is a funny feeling without the watch”.  Now it is, “I feel paralyzed without the phone”, this is how much we are depended on it. We might forget the laptop or the tab but never the phone.
Because Our everyday Corporate and Social work is abetted by the Mobile. We can check our emails, save our PDF’s, Docs, Sheets, etc in it. We can watch videos and movies, order food, listen to songs, take pictures, share it, chat with our loved ones, check the facebook, Status Updates, Location sharing, shopping and the list goes on and on. This is either done through the various applications or the mobile web. We do not put much thought into it of what we use until our work is done.
Mobile web is when you use the browser to access something like and an app is something installed on your phone.
Hasn’t it been awhile since you actually typed a URL on your Mobile Browser? Well! You are not alone!
Here is the chart of how much people use the mobile browser and the applications.
And there’s been a lot of discussions regarding the same. The CEO of Flurry, Mr Simon Khalaf had said that the mobile browser has become just “a single application swimming in a sea of apps and  Recent news say that  Flipkart and Myntra have adapted app only strategy.  So while we absorb the app-gap, lets seek where exactly does mobile web fit into:
Mobile websites are used for search engines, News, Portals, Directories, Business, finance etc. Sometimes these webs are also used for viewing a second account on Facebook or Gmail etc as we do not find multiple log in options on some applications.  Also some companies do not provide mobile applications but prefer having mobile websites only. Few shopping sites prefer to have Mobile web rather than their own application.
How does mobile web help us?
Mobile web is Re size of the actual website.
It is clutter free, does not require your attention to download and understand the new update! it is updated instantly.
Does not have access to our device hardware so does not occupy any memory.
It is Instantly Available.
It is compatible across devices and mobile web URLs and are easily integrated within other mobile technologies such as SMS, QR Codes and Near Field Communication (NFC).
It has a greater reach capability as it is shared at all Platforms.
It cannot be Deleted and it can be converted into an App later on.
The time and cost of making a Mobile website is much lesser than creating a Mobile app.
If you are a person who cannot bear the app-gap then you might be feeling proud about the Mobile Web and its prefects above.
What are the consequences if Mobile Web just Vanishes:
There has been certain Surveys where 26% of people most likely the males are comfortable with the  mobile web as they say it gives them more content to read than apps.
Media companies, agencies, and marketers face some confusion regarding whether they should focus their strategies predominantly on apps or mobile web. At the simplest level, many measurement firms report that mobile internet usage gravitates very heavily toward mobile apps, and so a naïve view emerges that apps have somehow “won,” and that mobile web is unimportant.
We cannot overlook the importance of Mobile Web but it is pretty sure that the Mobile world will be sooner or later be dominated by the Mobile apps while Mobile web will be extinct and it will not be totally consequential if the mobile web vanishes.
Happy Appying!!!
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