Upgrades on the recruitment platform led to increase in its traffic conversion by 4X and revenue growth surged by 15X


The Client:

Shortlist is a web portal that combines technology and human screening to find outstanding talent for businesses. It provides organizations with top qualified candidates based on the skills and attributes they demonstrate via in-depth performance analysis.
With world class resources at their disposal, Shortlist discovers, evaluates, informs and places talent across variety of industries. Candidates take online assessments to highlight their professional potential and based on that, they get matched with the right opportunity.

Problem Statement:

The previous version was mainly focused on testing the idea and it’s technical feasibility. But considering the scope and growth of the business, it was clear that we needed a major upgrade to the portal. The MVP needed a fix in various departments including Front-end and back-end technologies, UI/UX, Performance and overall business model.
So we decided to map out ‘Version 2’ which will be more focused on achieving strict targets in terms of number of new sign ups and revenue generation. To achieve this, we did some major upgrades to the portal which resulted in achieving the targets from the first month itself, let’s decipher the magic step by step.

Major Upgrades:

Technical Upgrades

We did major technological upgrades to the portal including replacing old protocols with the new ones and adding latest tech features.

Assessment Upgrades

The screening process was fully automated while eliminating the manual work. Candidates get real time score and report.

UI Upgrades

We revamped the corporate website in major ways to make it more appealing to users with superior ‘User Experience’.

Performance Upgrades

Greatly improved page load time from 200 candidates/3 seconds to 1000 candidates/second.

The Transformation Process:

In Version1, we were relying on Java, Spring, Hibernate, Angular1 and Apache CXF. While in Version2, we replaced Angular1 by the recently introduced Angular4, added Spring Cloud to Spring technology, integrated Spring Data JPA and used Spring REST Services. Angular4 empowered developers to make the website better in terms of attainment and its response. Apart from that, we reformed the Login and Sign up screens. The changes are done in Login, Sign up and Reset Password screen made it easier for new users to get onboard. We also added the provision to login with Google account and integrated our website with Google recaptcha to protect it from spam and abuse.
We also took an important decision to move from Monolithic design pattern to a Microservice Architecture. The idea was to divide the single application into multiple interconnected applications.  Why? Well, a microservice architecture design pattern has many advantages over a monolithic design pattern including Scalability, Availability, Faster and more continuous Service deployment, Technology diversity, much better performance and above all, cost effectiveness.

Technologies Used:


Continuous Integration
Continuous Monitoring
Continuous Deployment
Communication and Collaboration
High Scalability
Robust Infrastructure


Client Testimonial

The End Result:

The upgrade turned out to be a boon for ‘Shortlist’. It didn’t just boosted the performance of the portal but it took the performance of the business to whole other level.

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