7 Automation Ideas that can Turn Your Home into a Smart House

7 Automation Ideas that can Turn Your Home into a Smart House

Turning your homes into smart houses is all the rage these days. Not only do you now have options like smart speakers that can turn your home into a smart home, but there are many other gadgets available.

There are homes. Then there are smart homes which are all the rage these days. You can classify them as luxury homes. But I would rather categorize them as convenient home styles. There are various gadgets these days that turn your home into a smart house. All you need for these gadgets to work is Cox service or the like. Because the majority of these gadgets involve the use of the Internet. While you may think that the smart speakers are the only form of smart home item, here’s a list of other gadgets for you.

Video Doorbell

This is one way of turning your home into a smart house. It is like a caller ID for your porch. This is a rather fun gadget as it allows you to not only have a chat but have a video call with the visitors as well. And that is before you open the door for them. Imagine how funny that would be. The cool feature of this video doorbell is that it takes a screenshot of the visitor every time the bell rings. Therefore, if you are not home, that is not an issue either.

Philips Hue Smart Lighting

The smart light is what all lazy people need. You can set your lights to brighten gradually according to the time that you wake up in the morning. The cool part is that if you like a light color on your smartphone, you can recreate it. The Hue smart light will offer you the same quality of light. You will only need to choose from the palette.

Smart TVs

Smart TVs allow for easy navigation through the channels available on your TV. Apart from that, it is also convenient for individuals to find the right movies, shows, and social media apps while they seat in their couches. You can display your whole mobile screen on your Smart TV. Accessibility is not an issue with Smart TVs. The best part is that you do not have to worry when your remote goes missing. You can navigate through the various channels or apps using the voice control feature in the Smart TV. Cool, isn’t it.

WeMo Switch

If you have the habit of forgetting things, then you must know that the struggle of remembering if you turned the switches off while leaving the house or not is real. In particular, plugged-in gadgets. If you tend to forget about the gadgets that are plugged in when you leave the house, the WeMo Switch is the best gadget for you. All you have to do is plug your WeMo Switch in an AC outlet. And connect it to your Wi-Fi network. You can then check whatever is plugged in or not through a corresponding app. The app can be a bit finicky at times. But that is none of your concerns.

Smart Lock

A smart lock lets you control a door lock remotely. The best part is that you do not have to worry about carrying a whole bunch of keys with you. You can live a tension-free life when it comes to locking and unlocking doors. It is not that difficult to install. Not only this, but you do not even have to get rid of your existing bolt to install this. The lock can go above your existing bolt as well. Installing it would mean that you do not have to touch the knobs to open or close a door. How neat.

Roomba 980

If you did not have the experience of using it before, then let me tell you that Roomba 980 is a robot that does your cleaning chores for you. So, you do not have to rely on vacuum cleaners and waste your own energy in cleaning the house. The robot will do it for you. It will even clean the areas that you cannot access the vacuum. Isn’t it amazing?

Nest Cam

This is a wireless security camera. It allows you to have a look at your home even when you are away. So, you do not have to worry much about the robberies. The camera comes at a high resolution and offers a wide angle so that you can get a clear picture of what’s happening.

However, you would need a good plan, something like what Cox Internet plans offer if you want to have uninterrupted access to the camera from your workplace or any other place.

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