Startup Grind Event with Saurabh Majumdar

Saurabh founded Tellofy – a B2B SaaS-based product for capturing customer experiences and engaging with them in real time. In a short time since its inception, Tellofy has gained recognition and shown remarkable growth. Tellofy was selected, by the City of Austin Texas, to be showcased at their prestigious SXSW 2019 Welcome Breakfast held for international businesses.

This month’s Startup Grind was an interactive session with Saurabh Majumdar – CEO & Founder of CEO & Founder at Tellofy Inc. Way back in 1996, as a college pass out, one of his initial businesses was a food truck, which failed quickly. The lesson he learned from the failure was that it’s important to follow your interest and passion. After that, he moved to the UK and started a chemical trading firm. He worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies before starting his IT services business in 2006, which did pretty well. The key learnings he experienced were – how to outsource & manage distributed teams and what are the challenges faced while working with remote teams?
In 2015, his passion for building a product-based company and previous experiences prompted him to build Tellofy Inc. The most crucial things he learned and still believes is that don’t try to perfect in everything you do, be the good enough. Saurabh believes in the idea of knowledge sharing, and that’s what has helped him work extensively across continents.
In the personal front, Saurabh has been a sportsperson and has represented his university and state in various events, bringing out the competitive edge and the hunger to succeed. He is an avid listener of classic rock, plays the guitar and is an amateur photographer.
Check out the complete video here :
Startup Grind Pune hosts Saurabh Majumdar Tellofy
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