SaaS Growth Hacking Strategies that aren’t going anywhere in 10 years!

Gone are the days of direct selling and billboards. It’s more about how you build relationships and help your customers throughout their ways of evaluating and making decisions.
Consultative selling and trying to fit-in solutions into a set of their problems is what that works today. Sometimes you may even have to create a problem for them to see and seek a solution that you may have on offer.
SaaS certainly has a long buying and selling journey, and mostly by the end of it, you may not even get something in hand. But, as we said before, it’s more about building that relationship and have them spread word of mouth for you, if not just buy.
Let’s dive a little into what are those evergreen strategies that anyone can use. We are sure these strategies are not going anywhere at least for a decade more, approaches undoubtedly can.

Importance of Referral program

What do you believe more, an advertisement or a recommendation from your close one? The majority of customers prefer to use those products, which are their friends recommended for utilizing. Applying a referral program is essential for your SaaS business,  it helps companies to reach maximum users effortlessly.

Invest in Content Marketing

We can’t get enough with emphasizing the importance of creating and then strategically distributing the right content to help you move down that sales funnel. Creating a funnel and mapping the buyer’s journey with the right content will get you places.
Also, don’t forget the SEO. It should always be used as a base for your content strategy and various content distribution strategies. For example, you may always mix and use link building and PR efforts together and achieve more significant results in both areas.

Free Trials are Your Best Friends

Don’t you always go to the shopping mall and try out each pair of shoes or clothing before you make a purchase. Similarly, your buyers will be lured into buying your product if they can at least try it for free once. You then get ample opportunities for attracting them in with personalized offerings and remarketing techniques.

Become shameless with Retargeting

Today, attention spans are less, and your customer isn’t going to keep coming back if you don’t try to get in front of their eyes subconsciously, wherever they go after coming onto your platform/website. Social retargeting is the best way of reminding them of you and staying on top of their minds when they ultimately go about making a decision.

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Social Influencers are your guys (yes, even in B2B)

Netizens today seek help online with any and everything they may want to know from recipes to marketing best practices to how to be a better parent and what better than an influencer/expert telling them how to do that. SaaS businesses have a vast scope in collaborating with such social influencers that are popular among their audience and can entice them into thinking about you.

Hyper-Targeted, Personalised and Predictive Marketing Techniques are Your Keys

Who doesn’t like getting treated with a little extra care and attention? Your prospects are certainly going to like it when you talk to them like you’re talking to a human and not some business. Likewise, they’ll also love it if you know what time of the day to contact them and where. Use technology to predict their behavior and take instant actions to make a better impact as you only get a little chance, and hitting the right spot is essential, mainly when you operate in a hyper-competitive environment. 


After all, know that growth hacking isn’t a tactic, it’s a mindset; an art of understanding, and executing the right tactic at the right time. Tactics change over time. They’re also different for every situation. Use a mix of tactics and market trends and your imagination to make something happen, and it will.

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