The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Criminal Investigations

Companies that take the time to meet with app developers are going to have a number of questions that need answering. Many of these questions are centered around artificial intelligence. Now that AI is commonly used by app developers, businesses of all sizes are doing their best to learn more about the benefits it can provide.



What these businesses may not be aware of is the role that artificial intelligence will play in various criminal investigations. App developers who are truly experienced will let their clients know more about what is taking place but a business must make sure that they are on the right side of the law.



Nowadays, a witness no longer has to be human. The modern witness comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of these witnesses are more reliable than others. The days of relying strictly on human witnesses are over. Artificial intelligence is able to provide law enforcement with the information that they require, without any sort of human involvement.



App developers can prepare businesses by providing them with basic information but these app developers cannot ensure long term safety. The degree of accuracy that artificial intelligence can provide cannot be matched elsewhere. Investigators are able to rely on this evidence, secure in the knowledge that there is no personal bias at play.

The bias of human inventors still needs to be considered and this is something that investigators are currently grappling with. A business that is looking to avoid any sort of difficulty in this regard will need to take a few key steps. It all starts by collecting any and all information that is being shared with customers and employees.



When an investigation takes place that involves artificial intelligence, most governing bodies require businesses to turn all of the aforementioned information over. Computers, smartphones and tablets are included. A third party is asked to analyze the information within and come to an unbiased conclusion. It is easy to see why app developers are warning their clients about potential investigations of this nature.



If the materials mentioned are considered to be relevant to the matters at hand, there is very little that a business can do to protect themselves. Any business that is using smart devices must make sure that they are not engaging in any sort of activity that can be used against them at a later date. These devices record everything and these recordings are considered highly accurate.



Let’s say that the investigation revolves around the location of a person of interest. With smart devices, investigators now have the ability to find out who is leaving a location and when they decided to leave. If the lights were turned off for a specific period of time, they are able to isolate the exact time. If behavioral patterns are being altered, the investigators can find out without having to ask any questions.

There are some who may point to a recent case, where Amazon Echo recordings were going to be seized from a crime scene. While Amazon had decided that they were not going to sign on for such an invasion of privacy, the party involved elected to turn over the information. The information was exchanged, even as Amazon objected to the idea.



This case is informative. A business may decide that they are not willing to turn over the information in question. Amazon or another smart device provider could stand in solidarity with the business. Unfortunately, these investigations do not come to a grinding halt just because Amazon is not looking to play ball. A smaller business is limited in its ability to fight these sorts of changes.



Amazon has been ordered to turn over recordings in another case, with less fanfare. So how do businesses and app developers come together to deal with this brave new world? The top companies are already establishing an environment that is long on transparency. A business will need to consider the precedent that is being established before proceeding.



If homeowners are unable to sidestep the privacy complaints that have been levied in response to these investigations, it is in their best interests to make wise decisions now. The information must be properly stored and the business will need to be prepared to turn the data over if there is an active investigation taking place.



A smart device essentially functions as a repository for evidence. Whether it serves as an accurate depiction of the events that have taken place is of little consequence to an investigator. A business that does not understand the capabilities of these devices must speak with app developers to learn more about how to protect themselves.



Artificial intelligence is not going anywhere anytime soon. The answers to the questions that are taking place may not be fully clear but there are steps that can be taken to safeguard a business. Testimonials are going to be offered by smart devices that rely on artificial intelligence in the years to come.



This much is already certain and there is not much that can be done to reverse the tide. The top businesses are always going to be run by forward-thinking types and there is no changing that, either. The top companies that are able to maneuver in these new spaces are the companies that hope for the best while taking the time to prepare themselves for the worst.

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