Realizing your potential by Tonmoy Goswami@ Startup Grind Pune.

Every entrepreneur has a smashing story of their startup. Most commonly it revolves around the fact that they have a great idea which can solve consumers’ problems. But in Tonmoy’s case, the story of Storypick started when he realized that he had the potential to perform more than just work 9-5. He did not squander his time finding his passion, but acknowledged the passion he already had- Access to data and sharing it on Social Media. He profoundly calls it spotting the pink cows i.e. stories which are likeable and shareable on digital media. This was how Storypick was found.
Of course the story of Tonmoy’s entrepreneurial journey did not fetch a head start, it received few bumps in the beginning before Storypick was born. Tonmoy, enthusiastically shares this amazing journey with us on StartUp Grind along with the knowledge of how Storypick grew organically to get a traffic of 1 Million views/day.
Check out the video to know more about his journey and organic growth of
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