Be clear about what you really want to do- Vinay Nathan @Startup Grind Pune

Be clear about what you really want to do- Vinay Nathan @Startup Grind Pune

We had a wonderful session this Saturday with Vinay Nathan, CEO-Altizon. He guided us with his vast experience and gave a wonderful tip, “Be clear about what you really want to do”.
Vinay is CEO and co-founder of Altizon Systems. He has 15+ years of varied experience across sales, marketing, engineering and product management. Altizon aims to help enterprises build IoT products and solutions in weeks by providing device connectivity kits, a device management layer, a scalable, real-time, big-data analytics engine and alerting and monitoring services.
We also touched upon how digitization is revolutionizing the customer experience, the importance of connected supply chain, connected industrial equipments and how to harness the data right from marketing to product R&D.
Feels like you missed…No worries, we have you covered.
Check out the complete video here :
Startup Grind Pune hosts Vinay Nathan (Altizon)

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