Technologies Used:

Symfony Framework


R Script


Angular 1, 2



About ProofPilot:
ProofPilot is a platform for Healthcare Domain that allows individuals to design, manage, launch, and participate in research studies (i.e., clinical trial, randomized control trials, and longitudinal outcome studies). ProofPilot keeps the data on the platform secure while providing tools to the user to conduct their research studies.

The Challenge

The challenge for the customer was to find a team to develop the platform in an agile development model while also following the Healthcare security protocols. While the MVP had been developed, it had a complex architecture that left the client looking for a capable team that could fix the issues & upgrade the system as quickly as possible and continues to add new features while the Beta users continue using the platform. 


→ Integrated a CI/CD pipeline to help properly architecture the platform
→ Migrated the backend from AWS to GCP solution
→ Integrated with 3rd party tools such as Metabase
→ Support of multi lingual translation

Significant Features

Enhanced UI and UX of the platform led to improved user experience & increased user’s engagement with the platform
Improved keyboard usability for iOS and Android users on the login/registration page.
Improved infrastructure is more secure, more scalable, more disaster resilient
The new “What’s Next” Feature participants can see an upcoming study schedule. The release is designed to improve participant engagement, retention and reduce missed study tasks.

The Result

ProofPilot platform boasts five Fortune 100 companies as its customers.

ProofPilot was highlighted in an article published in the MIT Sloan Management review for its support to both commercial and community experimentation in HealthCare domain

Reported Increased customer satisfaction & successful completion of research studies