SongSketcha is a songwriters work pad specifically designed for sketching out your song ideas as they come to you.


We helped the client to build a unique app that is specifically designed for sketching out song idea that come to you. It has a unique feature which enables you to fly your chords into place onto dedicated dots above your lyrics with a simple touch. Once you choose your key, a chord palette pops up loaded with the most common chords in that key and are at the ready to place above your lyrics.


The interface of the app is clean and simple. We have strategically used some bold colors in the app and have beautifully fused them with light color. We have carefully worked to ensure that every detail of the app was intuitive and simple.

Design Element

Due to targeting a novice audience, we had to ensure the design was easy to understand. We have designed icons for the menus that are easy to understand.

Design Features

  • Drag and Drop to rearrange your chords on the palette.
  • Hiding your dots after editing to give a clean look to your page.
  • Fret diagrams attached to each chord so you can check the fingering with a simple touch.
  • A Quick Mic shortcut with a massive button to get to the Mic fast when you’re out and about.
  • An onboard Key Picker to choose your key.


Mindbowser & SongSketcha worked on an innovative idea to create an awesome mobile app that will allow everyone to create music.
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