Pivot and Grow by Sagar Patil@ Startup Grind Pune.

Ressy was an idea by chance when Sagar Patil, crashed into his future cofounder Koustubh. Koustubh with his stint at Groupon and Tinyowl, understood that the problem for restaurants was not giving discounts but to use discounts as a means that footfalls could be spread all over the week and not just the weekend.
The meeting resulted in a sweet confluence of domain expertise and technology and Ressy was born.
Ressy was bootstrapped for around 6 months and in this SGP session Sagar shares his experience of running bootstrapped, getting funded by investors like Mohandas Pai and how the team is now working behind the scenes to fuel the next round of growth.
Check out the video to know more about his journey and organic growth of Ressy
Startup Grind Pune Hosts Sagar Patil (Ressy)

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