5 Startup takeaways from Neeraj@StartupGrind Pune

Neeraj Athalye, a hobbyist biker, started his career as a technical project manager ending up with sales. Currently, he is exploring the potential of Cloud in Sydler and has three more similar startups. At StartupGrind, event held on 28th Feb 2015 we hosted Neeraj and asked him about the secret of his success and his startup journey.
Here are 5 key takeaways by Niraj that can help you grow your business :
  1. Start when you are ready and not because the idea is good.
  2. Ask yourself who,what,how questions and have the maturity of understanding how to deal with the customer. Be comfortable on customer reach.
  3. Life is getting quantified, make a meaning out of it and understand the trend which is relevant to your business.
  4. Remember 3 P’s to enter a business which are people,process and pipeline.
  5. Pitch value to a customer,because they understand value.

Check out the video to see the complete interview:

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