What we did:

iOS App  / Web Backend

Expertise Required:

Location Tracking/ Payment Gateway/ Geo-fencing

About JP Logistics:
JP Logistics & Motorsports is a car logistics company situated in Sun Valley, California. JP Logistics owns and operates a fleet of 19 trucks and a network of 20 terminal and storage facilities throughout the continental United States. Their enclosed auto transport solutions serve a wide range of customers including Lamborghini North America, Rolls Royce North America, and Bentley North America.
They ship nationwide and have terminals and storage available in Los Angeles, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Phoenix, AZ, Peosta, IA, Ranburne, AL, Boston, MA, Cliffside Park, NJ, and Miami, FL. In addition, they provide door-to-door services globally using our Air-Ocean global shipping.

Project Brief

When Mindbowser met the client, they were managing everything manually. This meant a lot of time and effort were being wasted in tracking, calling, taking records etc. There was no unified platform where any personnel could log in and check status.
With the on demand economy growing, the client wanted to take advantage and wanted to make sure that potential customers can book their service in an easy and smooth way.
Mindbowser built a series of three applications to help JP Logistic manage their orders and effectively manage human resource to provide world class transportation management service as well as take orders and execute them.

Problem Statement

JP Logistics is a growing company and customer base has been increasing rapidly. Till now the work had been manageable but the management predicted well the need of the common system else things could fall down. Most of the work was done manually and led to often repeats. The customer needed someone who could help them automate these day to day operations for all stakeholders and keep auto record for the operations.


Mindbowser studied the pattern of daily operations of JP Logistics and suggested a separate application for each role. Three applications were built one each for customers, service personnels and managers/owner.
Customers are able to register themselves with system, place orders, keep track of their transported vehicles & conditions of these vehicles and pay invoices using online payment options. Drivers are able to receive requests automatically on their phone, they can keep record of vehicle and its conditions. Manual allocation of resources is removed totally.
Owner/manager can keep track of all the transactions at very ease without doing lot, they have access to reports generated by drivers for particular vehicle transportation. All this was held together through a common server side and unique dashboard view for each user.


Design thinking is the air we breath. We evolve the tiniest details into an engaging user experience. Our process creates a delicate balance between creating effective design and adding brand and business value.  We started with the pen and the paper, drew sketches, evaluated them and made changes. We repeated this process until we were satisfied with the UX. We then move to wireframes and repeated the process. After doing several iterations along with client and understanding the persona of the user, the screens were finalized.

Administrator App – iPad

We have created an iPad app from where administrator can manage various features of the application and control business processes.

Features List

Payment Gateway

Invoice Generation

Report Generation

Customer & Driver Database

Location Tracking

Assigning Drivers


The apps were received with great enthusiasm and within the first quarter of implementation, the client was able to notice a spike in orders by 20%.