Our cloud‐enabled IoT solutions deliver clinicians, payers, pharmacies, and hospitals with a vendor-neutral, risk-free infrastructure that is booming the continuum of care.

Our IoT Healthcare Solutions

We provide a vigorous IoT healthcare tech solutions that can keep the system safe, secure, and compliant.

NEMT System

We offer extremely affordable and convenient NEMT dispatch software. It has a technology-first approach that accomplishes mobility need of people.

  • HIPAA compliant
  • Faster reimbursement
  • Reduce billing cost
  • Automated scheduling
  • Powerful custom reporting

Telehealth/ Patient Monitoring

We give a patient-centric suite of the M-health solutions and clinical continuum to clinicians, healthcare organizations, and doctors to provide facilities like online appointment booking, remote visits, and health monitoring.

  • Remote device diagnostics
  • EHR/PM integration
  • The remote device troubleshooting process
  • Monitor health indicators through portable devices
  • Charts and diagram visualization
  • With the support of live video and audio streaming, doctors can monitor patients remotely

NFC-based IoT Solutions

With the support of NFC and IoT technology together can assist healthcare organizations with digitalization and connection of logical functions, increasing efficiency, and assuring the product quality.

  • Patient engagement
  • Product integrity assurance
  • Automated device interaction

Smart Integration of Medical Devices

We have excellent manufacturers who can  create portable features for remote device, OTA updates, monitoring, and data collection.

  • Real-time data analysis
  • Data, integration & management
  • Monitor device operations
  • Enable devices to notify important updates
  • Remote software updates
  • Maintain an effective device inventory

Clinical Trials

Our IoT-centric solutions can simplify the clinical medicine trial process more systematic and cost-effective.

  • Help in patient’s checkups
  • Accelerate clinical Process
  • Match-up regulatory Needs

Life Sciences

We offer an integrated end-to-end approach to the life sciences organizations, enabling them to scale up the product quality in the go-to-market.

Smart Hospitals

Hospitals can enhance patient care delivery model with the support of healthcare IoT solutions.

IoT Startups

We offer cost-effective IoT healthcare solution to gain efficiency and improve the operations.

Case Studies

ProofPilot is a platform for Healthcare Domain that allows individuals to design, manage, launch, and participate in research studies (i.e., clinical trial, randomized control trials, and longitudinal outcome studies). ProofPilot keeps the data on the platform secure while providing tools to the user to conduct their research studies.

Mango Mirror acts like a personal dashboard that provides you with all the health-related information you need, allowing you to take control of your body, life and day ahead right on your mirror.

Want to Hire IoT Experts for Your Project?

We are aiming to help healthcare organizations through the benefits of IoT. Our expert team empowers healthcare businesses to employ cutting-edge techniques & achieve maximum profits.

Tools and Technologies

We utilize advanced technologies in healthcare domain that help organizations stay ahead in this ever-changing marketplace.

Why Us for Your Healthcare IoT Solution?

Our domain expertise, IoT experts, and repeatedly increasing healthcare clientele make us perfect digital healthcare technology partner.

  • EHR Integration Expertise
  • Patient-Centric Approach
  • HIPAA Certified Engineers
  • Care for Knowledge
  • Startup Accelerators
  • Domain Expertise
  • Micro Venture Partnerships
  • Robust Client Base