Founding the Pillars of Startups from Vinamra Pandiya

Founding the Pillars of Startups from Vinamra Pandiya@Startup Grind Pune

Vinamra Pandiya, COO of shared a very vital peice of advice to the startup’s in the recent event in Pune. ‘Starting Up? What to Avoid’ and ‘Started Up, What to do in the first year of Company Ops. He narrated his story about his past startup’s which went through, ups and downs, had seen upturns and recession but his motivation and ambition never failed him. He believes that humbleness to learn and graduate from every mistake helps you advance.
Here is the gist of the overall carte of Mistakes to avoid while starting up.
With his years of experience in running and seeing startups he has acquired the knowledge that performing business in traditional way is what gives it a heads up. Also it is real important for every startup to be Legal before Real and Maintain timely books.
While speaking of all the business heads and tails he mentioned a very poignant point, Avoid Overdose of Advice which he related to his early years of starting up where internet was the only resource of help, now advises flow in from everywhere, but for a startup to have a discerning eye is important because overdose of advice is confusing.
With our conversation with the speaker in the event it was clear that he knows how to set the foundation pillar for every startup to function properly and grow. To know more how Missing on in the Minor Important details will always lead to bigger issues later on, Please check the video below.

Check out the video to see the complete interview:

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