Startup Grind Event with Shashank Randev


Startup Grind Event with Shashank Randev

Shashank brings entrepreneurial and investment understanding with 10+ years of cross-functional experience. He has worked with large companies, a startup (acquired by a Fortune 500 Company) and an early stage fund investing in technology-enabled startups.

Entrepreneurs need investment ideas, right? If you want to start your own business in this competitive marketplace, then you have to get a clear idea about the current investment process. In this video, we are talking about investment, fund, and entrepreneurship.

Shashank Randev, who has ten years of experience in the investment sector expressing that India is a place for startups. Importantly, you just need to identify your mistakes and use your funds or invest your funds in the right place. One right investment decision can completely change the game.

Check out the complete video here :
Startup Grind Pune hosts Shashank Randev

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