Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is an essential part of socially beneficial practices and programs into a company’s business model and culture. Aim of this concept is to increase long-term business profits for both offline and online businesses by allowing them to work more attractively and effectively. Actually, CSR is all about how organizations manage their business model or processes to create a positive influence on social harmony.
Mindbowser, believe that CSR has played a pivotal role in environmental, social, and economic factors. We understand, In this competitive market place, it’s becoming exceedingly essential to manage a socially conscious image.
By adopting the CSR norms early on any company can set a bar for the industry; also, they get a chance to refine their business model and social presence. Undertaking CSR initiatives is such a positive perspective for all companies; this action not only creates awareness between customers and employees but also it can create an actual difference in the world.
To create awareness in child education, our team visited the Rainbow Foundation. We distributed stationary among all the children to boost their interest in learning.
‘Save Girls Child’ is one of the most sensitive issues in India. We gave some light on this topic and asked questions to many people about this issue. Check out our journey to Sarvesham Seva Sangh.