30+ Best Black Friday Deals 2019 For Your Busines

This month of the year, we are putting out engaging deals marking the official start of the Christmas shopping season
We believe this is our duty to notify you of all the appealing offers that you don’t want to miss out on the best Black Friday deals in 2019 for SaaS products!


Mindbowser Infosolutions
About: Mindbowser is a digital transformation services provider working with global brands aiding on their journey to digital transformation. Mindbowser offers a suite of products and services around user experience, automation, analytics, and mobility that in turn helps businesses become more efficient and improves profitability.
Offer: Get Free Cloud Credits worth $100,000 From AWS & GCP
Offer Code: N/A


Better Proposals
About: Better Proposals helps you create your proposals faster, makes them look more professional and gives you all the tools you need to win the job as quickly as possible.
Offer: New customers will have the opportunity to get our Premium plan 50% off, having it for the price of $24 throughout the first 6 months. Existing customers will have a 50% discount to upgrade to a higher subscription plan (could be Premium or Enterprise), also for a period of 6 months.
Offer Code: N/A


About: Docsify is an email and document tracking for Gmail. It shows you who opened your emails, clicked your links, downloaded your attachments. Moreover, you’ll know which pages of PDF documents you sent were read by your recipients and which were ignored.
Offer: This Black Friday Docsify is offering 50% OFF on the Premium annual plan for LIFE.
Offer Code: ‘Blackoffer’ at checkout.


About: Create engaging popups and forms for your website in minutes. No coding skills required.
Offer: 30% off for the first 3 months on any monthly plan
Offer Code: POPTINBF19


About: Delesign is a  platform that helps you discover limited motion graphics, custom design, and more by connecting you to a senior-level Delesign designer.
Offer: 60% off the first month of Delesign.


About: It is a crypto investment accounting software. BearTax is a software that enables Individuals, CPAs, and Accounting firms to calculate the performance of their crypto investments for a given tax year for tax reporting purposes.
Offer: Get 10% off on your cryptocurrency tax reports for 2018 or 2019. Preview for FREE.
Offer Code: BITCOIN10


About: Appointment scheduling made easy, No back-and-forth emails, no double booking. Only a few seconds to schedule an appointment with you.
Offer: 50% off on all plans
Offer Code: N/A


About: SalesHandy is an email automation tool that provides you with email recipient’s engagement reports and helps you get more done through emails. You can track unlimited emails for free, schedule emails to be sent later, attach and send smart email templates, automate follow-up emails, schedule personalized email campaigns and get behavioral insights from email communications faster.
Offer: Up to 50% off on all Annual Plans
Offer Code: N/A


About: Emojics is a feedback emoji and lead generation tool that allows you to engage your website visitors.
Offer: 50% off on all plans
Offer Code: 2j94s6XN


About: Codegrip is an automated code review tool that makes the code review process a matter of seconds. It provides detailed code review reports in less than a minute, automatically scans the code for bugs, code smells and vulnerabilities when the developer commits the code. It also Informs you about duplication percentage in the code along with duplicated blocks, files, and lines. Apart from this Codegrip also tells the user how much time would take to fix the bugs and gives suggested solutions to fix them. Codegrip is the only automated code review tool that does not store the user’s code, keeping their Intellectual Property safe.
Offer: One-Month All-Access Free Trial
Offer Code: N/A


About: LiveAgent is a simple and intuitive multichannel helpdesk software that helps companies provide excellent customer service across all channels — social media, phone, email, and chat.
Offer: $100 credit for LiveAgent and Post Affiliate Pro
Offer Code: N/A


SE Ranking
About: SE Ranking is an SEO software suite for businesses of all sizes that hope to establish and maintain a strong online presence. Expand your semantic core, track real-time keyword rankings, spy on competitors, audit your website, find and monitor backlinks, and do so much more with SE Ranking.
Offer: This Black Friday, you can lock in now at the lowest price of the year (30% OFF) and get a chance to 2X your subscription for free!
Offer Code: BLACKFRIDAY2019 coupon code at checkout


About: Simvoly helps you grow your business by giving you the power to build your own pages for your next funnels or websites. Simvoly can be a real blessing in that designing and building a complete sales and conversion funnel normally takes lots of time and effort. 
Offer: Grab a 70% OFF on all plans for the first 3 or 6 months
Offer Code: N/A


About: Brand24 is a powerful award-winning app for media monitoring. It helps to get instant access to brand mentions across social, news, blogs, videos, forums, reviews and more.
Offer: 50% off for 3 months
Offer Code: N/A


About: On-demand Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service provider. It is a leading on-demand Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service provider, offers virtual phone solutions for start-ups, small businesses, and enterprises.
Offer: 25% off On our platinum plans(yearly)
Offer Code: N/A


About: NinjaOutreach is an influencer marketing and analysis platform that helps you generate traffic and capture your audience’s attention through different outreach campaigns.
Offer: Click on the link below to join the waitlist.
Offer Code: N/A


About: Capturly is an analytical tool designed to help businesses make smart decisions. It provides great insights to help convert visitors into customers.
Offer: Upto 95% off on our plans
Offer Code: N/A


About: ConvertBox is a sales platform to build on-site messages and targeted CTA’s for your website that converts more visitors into leads and repeat customers on autopilot!
Offer: $295 Lifetime Deal
Offer Code: N/A


About: Document360 is a Saas platform that helps you to build a great self-service knowledge base for your customers and internal users (public or private knowledge bases).
Offer: 30% Off on Any Annual Subscription Plans
Offer Code: N/A


About: EasySendy is an email marketing platform for online gig creators like bloggers, podcasters, vloggers, business coaches, YouTubers, writers, course creators, consultants, freelancers, authors, coaches, musicians, photographers, and startups. Also, offer to our customers EasySendy Drip, EasySendy Social.
Offer: Flat 40% OFF + 2 Month Free on Yearly (Annual)
Offer Code: N/A


Email List Validation
About: Email List Validation is a list verification tool that helps clean up your customer or subscriber list. Filter out invalid, inaccurate and fake emails and keep users that read and engage. Why? To save money on your email marketing software. The fewer bad email addresses on your list, the less you pay. Digital marketing pros who send a lot of emails as part of their sales, marketing, and promotions strategies can improve delivery rates and save money.
Offer: Get 50% Off on All Packages
Offer Code: N/A


About: An integrated all-in-one marketing, sales and support platform with a free CRM built for startups and growing companies. Streamline and grow your marketing, sales & support processes using a single software. Get a unified customer view across all the teams. Market your business like the world’s best companies, build lasting customer relationships, sell like the pros, and provide awesome support to your customers.
Offer: LIFETIME 40% OFF on all plans. Signup from the form below or visit this offer page for more details.
Offer Code: N/A


About: Klenty is a sales engagement platform built for high-velocity sales teams. Using Klenty you can automate the entire process of reaching out and engaging with prospects, by sending personalized emails and automated follow-ups at scale.
Offer: Get 40% off on all Annual plans.
Offer Code: BLACKFRIDAY2019


About: SendX is an Email marketing software that help’s businesses run email marketing campaigns at scale. With its Opti-Send technology, SendX can drive up to 2X more open rates for your email marketing campaigns.
Offer: 40% off (save $1200+) across all annual plans.
Offer Code: N/A


About: SEMRush is one of the world’s finest all-in-one marketing toolkits for digital marketing professionals.
Offer: 40% Off the Content Marketing Platform & Marketplace
Offer Code: N/A


About:Collect is the most simple, powerful and time-saving way to get documents from your suppliers, clients or all kinds of stakeholders.
Offer: 30% lifetime discount if you subscribe during Black Friday
Offer Code: N/A


Competitors App
About:Competitors App is a monitoring tool that helps marketers and agencies to automatically track marketing strategies of other businesses in the industry in one place, with minimum effort and little time investment.
Offer: 40% lifetime discount for the chosen plan using the code: CAXX19 until December 2
Offer Code: CAXX19


About:SurveySparrow is an online survey platform that can turn surveys into conversations. Build beautiful, conversational surveys which will result in a 40% higher completion rate.
Offer: 30% discount on all Annual Plans, forever.


About: is a viral marketing SaaS tool that allows brands to easily build giveaways, referral and reward programs.
Offer: Lifetime Access to VYPER Pro Account for $499
Offer Code: N/A


About: Vouchery is a Coupon, discount & loyalty automation API that optimizes promo strategy for max customer engagement, at the same time preventing promo code abuse.
Offer: Lifetime Deal on the Hustler Plan or 50% OFF for a year on Startup and Business Plans.
Offer Code: Discount is applied automatically on sign up


Visitor Queue
About:Visitor Queue is an advanced B2B lead generation software that identifies the name, contact details, and user data of the businesses that visit your website. This information is made available via their web-based dashboard, API, or integrations with leading CRMs and marketing automation platforms.
Offer: 50% select annual plans.
Offer Code: bf2019 during sign up.
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