A review of the Apple iWatch Release!!

Are you gadget savvy?
Do you want to open your garage with your $349 Apple Watch?
or Do you want to check your heartbeat after having a nice walk in the evening?
The new Apple Watch gives you all. Although I am still trying to figure out why would people want it!! Is it that, people have  got tired using their Phones and want it all on their Wrists? Will the next one be the Ring, The Belt, The Pen? Sure hoping to find many James Bond in future years.
Apple has always been ahead and diverse of any flow which runs in the market. When people are running behind bigger and larger screen phones, Tim Cook takes it the other way around to make things smaller and put it all in a watch. The watch with 40 apps is being said to be something with fewer distraction and a kickside of iPhone. The wider aspect of this is, the watch which looks and feels like any other, is able to take care of your health, your closet, your home, your ride, texting, airlines and so on.
Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the company’s entry into the smartwatch arena on Monday. “Prices will begin at $349, with a 18-carat gold version going for more than $10,000. It is a new kind of timepiece; it is a new way to stay in touch; to stay fit; to look fashionable; to pay for soda; to do karaoke; to watch your garage door open. Although skeptics like me exist,  Wall Street Journal said that “CEO Tim Cook ’s sales pitch was more about quantity of uses than quality”
Apple has never stopped surprising people and the user satisfaction has always been beyond mark, we still cannot be a critic for the iWatch because it is unknown what will strike a mark in the market. But it is time now to get your watches charged. We hope Tim knows the essence of the products, which we take time to understand.

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