A 30% rule by Esaso Ighodaro to make a Kickstarter Campaign Successfull

“Line up your campaign after telling people, a month in advance. If you want to raise 25000 dollars, try to get a third of it on your first day. This not only increases your ranking on Kickstarter page, but also allows you to get more exposure. People can see more, can talk more about your project.This also allows you to have an easier time when you try to pitch your idea for people to write about you in different posts, whether it is a new post, online bloggers, influencers. All you are trying to do is get the word out about your product and raise awareness about your kickstarter campaign, so that you can reach a goal before time because if you dont make it you loose everything.”
This was the 30% rule by Esosa Ighodaro to make your campaign a successful one.

Check out the video to see the complete interview:

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