The Celebration of Ending Another Year on a High

The 7th Annual Day Celebration of Mindbowser was hosted in Hotel Cliff on 24th April 2019. The whole day was packed with surprises and action and not to mention Loads of Laughter.  Loaded with enthusiasm with the new propaganda, Team Mindbowser actively participated in all the games and sports and few snatching the rewards with mere points.
Time to celebrate the success, make new resolutions, set new goals, learn from our past mistakes, create new targets
Series of events took place over the month. Below are the glimpses of the events.
Glimpses of poster making event.
Glimpses of Sports day event.
The anniversaries are always an opportune time to get some wisdom out from our founders. Here is a quick video on the same. Also here are our most important 7 learnings while building the company.
Ayush and Pravin on 7th Anniversary of Mindbowser
Here is a beautiful cake for our  7th Anniversary celebrations

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