7 Growth-Hacking Strategies to Increase Your App Downloads

Growth Hacking is the Junction where Engineering and Marketing meet. And Heavens, it has indeed revolutionized the App market today. In this post, we are providing a lean and robust framework to contrive this junction to increase app downloads.

1. Coupons as Incentives for new downloads

“We are glad that you have downloaded our app and hence we give you this coupon so you can visit again and redeem it.” Now, these coupons in the form of points or tokens stimulates user participation, compelling the user to come back.
The Key Factor of Mobile Application success is User Participation. Although the ubiquity of mobile devices makes mass participation feasible, motivating masses still remains a challenge. The Coupon Attraction remains a tried and tested technique to draw a lot of attention towards your app. This is the first technique to growth hack your app.
Eg: Uber offered a first free ride anywhere by using their app inviting friends to sign up and ride with Uber.

2. Cross Promotion

Cross-promotion is like joining forces with credible people who reach your market and you can reach your customers with efficient and credible services.
Promoting through this channel has the potential of huge payoff because partners can expand through each other’s customer base. Moreover, it is a mutual promotion by showing the user the multi-benefits of using one’s app.
Eg: Earn SPG(Starwood Preferred Guest) points on every Uber Ride.

3. To achieve valuable rewards, ‘Referral the app’

Referral System is an effective part of the Lean Marketing Framework were engaging the user and prompting him to share, leads to the benefit of the user and the referral. This helps continue the momentum of the app and makes it easy to promote.
Eg: Dropbox gives 500Mb of free space to you and the referral every time.

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4. Ask for Sign Up!

Signups create a good database of contacts and acts like a tracker to manage and recognize the people using the app. This database can also be used to cross-sell and upsell your product.
The quickest way to sign up is piggybacking on existing networks, relieving the user from memorising a new set of password and username. Make sure that the information asked on the Signup page is not lengthy.
Eg: Vine uses Twitter for quick Signup.

5. Redirect to Download!

Every Content or ad about the app should redirect it to an app store for download without which it will not be accessible to use. This can be variably induced through the landing page.
It is also very annoying for people to be redirected to the Download page without their choice or permission, so make sure, your ads do not put a negative impact on people.
Eg: Tinder Landing Page redirecting to the App Store for Download.

6. Use Undercover Guerrilla Marketing Techniques!

Undercover Guerrilla Marketing is Marketing in disguise.
People do not like to be sold to! They opt for trying things which they have heard about as good. In which case, Direct Marketing technique may ward them away. An experience shared by someone they know or even reading good reviews of other people will magnetize many potential users towards your product.
Eg: In the initial days, Airbnb started spamming Craigslist to acquire users.

7. Start Your First Download from Home

It is downright difficult to get the initial downloads because fewer downloads mean people not opting for it. Make sure that you start the ripple by making friends, family and your network download the app and refer it in your network.
Eg: In her interview Esosa Ighodaro, Co-Founder of Cosign, mentioned about getting a huge push from her local network.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you like this article and you will definitely apply these 7 unique techniques to understand your mobile app growth. If you want to stay updated with such useful information which will help you to dominate the App Store, then subscribe for our newsletter.

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