IoT Workplace Solutions

The Internet of Things (IOT) isn’t just limited to kitchen and bedroom, like coffee pots that brew you fresh coffee when you wake up or lights that go live automatically. IoT Workplace Solutions are being built that are transforming how you work, dramatically reducing operating costs, saving energy and even building new revenue source for your business. Here’s what we have in store for you.
We build the most effective IoT Workplace Solutions that work with smart sensors, beacons, automation and analytics tools to make your employee’s work lives easier and more productive.



iot workplace solutions

Our IoT security solutions include Smart doorbells, locks and surveillance system to maintain the highest level of security within your enterprise. Not just the security of physical assets but the security of database and sensitive information is also of paramount importance. Do your business with peace of mind that you deserve.

Connected Devices

iot workplace solutionsWe offer solutions to allow devices within your office to communicate seamlessly with each other, people, and cloud services. This will move you closer towards having a single device to manage almost everything. All people will be connected with each other means much less time to communicate and collaborate. This will also result in mush better customer interaction. 


iot workplace solutions

Automation at work places means improved efficiency and better ROI for your business. Our automation solutions will reduce unwarranted time for trivial tasks by automating them. Most of the trivial and repetitive tasks don’t demand dedicated human resource to carry them out, even simple automation at these places will result in great savings in terms of costs and resources.

Smart Sensors

iot workplace solutions

We use Smart Sensors that gather data about who uses what rooms and when.  This will helps to identify the usage patterns and plan the space more efficiently. These smart sensors can also control the temperature, lights and appliances based on provided parameters. This also controls your energy usage and save you bills.


iot workplace solutions

Our solutions will help you reduce the time required for a particular task by assigning right tasks to right people. Meeting automation solution will reduce your meeting management and execution time by almost half. You can assign task to people and monitor whether they are being implemented as per the desired standard.

Smart Analytics

iot workplace solutions

More IoT devices mean more data and analytics on all aspects of business to improve strategy and customer experience. Our smart analytics solutions generate actionable information based on the real time data. Get clear insights take better decisions. Catch the major events before they happen and stay ahead of time with predictive analysis. Identify clear patterns with cutting edge data visualisation tool.

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Smart Sensors

Use Case

Mindbowser developed customized IOT Workplace Solutions for one of the global leader in software services. Client wanted to boost efficiency and productivity in enterprise along with integrating these solutions with their IT strategies. We installed 200 sensors tracking staff members, plus 100 temperature sensors to monitor room temperature and humidity and additional 150 sensors to monitor and measure energy usage.
We built a solution that was extremely easy to deploy and use. Our efforts resulted in 20% more efficiency for everyday employee tasks, 15% reduction in overall energy and utility costs, almost doubled security coverage and extremely delighted client.

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