What is Apple still missing out after WWDC15

The WWDC 2015(World Wide Developers Conference 2015) has promised a lot of new features and rectification for the iSeries(iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch) this year. It sounds new to Apple but not new to us. Most of the spoken iFeatures and usability, is already present in the android version. Yet, it is not decreasing the enthusiasm of waiting for the iOS 9 with the new music update and much more this June.
Apple has always prided itself for building an ecosystem around its devices, which has led to every new upgrade bring in something new. Though with the tight set OS of Apple, the new things are taking time to roll and there is still room for Apple to improve in the usability factor.
Here are some things that Apple is still missing out in terms of usability for iPhone?
File Explorer:
Apple has an internal hard drive which does not allow to save any files or documents from mails or the internet. So to access the files we need to again open the respective and see them.
Apple can still figure out a secure way to ‘save’ documents inside the iPhone.
Desktop UI:
The first thing we see after opening the lock screen of  iPhone is this screen.
and this is forever. Apple should provide some changes for the Desktop UI.
Music from any other application to iTunes:
iTunes has always been the ultimatum for music and videos. If for instance you receive any music through Whatsapp or mail, you will have to listen to them solely in their respective apps. iTunes will never allow them to sync in your playlist.
With all the New Music update buzz from WWDC15, Apple could have made this minor change.
The ecosystem of Apple has left no choice for users, rather than to become brand ambassadors of Apple. The ease of using an iPhone or the Apple watch only comes in when you are dwelling in the Apple environment. Apple will not give you the comfort of hooking up with any other devices except itself.
Editing numbers in the Phone Keypad:
This is a peculiar case where, the pasted number cannot be edited by placing the cursor at any point on the number. You either need to delete the whole number and start fresh or do a couple of tricks. There is but one way around it, type the missing number and then paste the rest, but Apple won’t allow the same as well.  It happens mostly in cases where you need to add a country code before the number or any case where you perhaps missed a few numbers while copying.
External Storage Drive:
Thanks to the world’s first iStick OTG flash Drive for iPhone to store and transfer files. Apple never gave the comfort of storing heavy data in the iPhone for long. The only way out would be change the iPhone or hassle with the iTunes to delete data with a heavy heart. iStick sure solves this problem but comparing the prices, you might land wondering whether you should opt for iStick or the Apple Watch.
Apple sure is updating slowly and steadily but there are still features we look up to bring ease while using the iPhone in day to day life.
Are we missing anything ? Let us know in the comments below.
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