Wearables: Android vs iOS

Wearables are a niche market now, but it has created waves of demand in people. After the Apple Watch release, people went insane to buy that single piece of tech. But with the new announcement of wearables in I/O 2015, it is difficult to conclude who will capture the market.
Scouring through the market we see, Apple has the reputation of creating trends and revolutionising the digital systems in the market, but with the huge and open platform of Android in wearables, things seem to be a little uncertain in the wearable industry.
To get a clearer picture, we can see the visage of these technologies.
Instances where Google and Apple both succeed..
1. Voice assistance from Google Now and Siri has become a must have feature for both Android and iOS respectively.
2. Google’s implementation of  swapping through wrist movement and face capture to create Emoji, will be a new thing just like the topic engine used by smartwatch to send colorful images drawn, to other devices.
3. Both the platforms are looking towards health apps, giving users more information about their own body.
4. Both the wearables are capable of pushing notification and setting up reminders.
Where Apple are Leaders..
1. Apple watch release created a knock-on effect, with everyone wanting a piece of their own, whereas google needed a comeback into the wearable market.
2. Apple Watch Gold is the most featured and costliest wearable in the market now. Android  still remains for the common people.
3. Google needs to work a huge deal on the UI of the wearables to at least compete with Apple in that matter.
4. According to WWDC 2015, Apple is planning to revamp the month old Apple watch by running 3rd party(non-Apple) watch apps without an iPhone nearby.
5. After the release of Apple Watch, in the first quarter the ordered amount has exceeded 6.1 million. Whereas Google failed to attract such crowd and sold only 750,000 units after release in 2014.
6. Apple is always faster in bringing new upgrades in comparison to Google.
Android Still has a chance..
1.  Android is more a tech wear, which solely concentrates on its purpose, whereas Apple Watch is treated more as an ornament.
2. The cost of all Android tech peices, is low. Also According to a survey conducted in the USA recently shows 61% of people will buy wearables below $100-200 which gives Google a lead. Apple products are pretty high range, their basic model starts $349.
3. The android platform can work with any Android device and wearables, giving it a huge space to flourish. Apple is still constricted to iOS in that matter.
4. There are many wearable devices across the globe like Ringly, Google glass, Fitness tracking headphones, Moov, Beddit, Pebble etc. Apple has only Apple watch.
5. Battery life of Google Wearable is much more than Apple Watch.
Failure for both platforms..
Google and Apple will not fail because of their technology, but it might fail if they are unable to show their users, What problem it will solve. In the scale of 10, there are 100% chances for both the platforms to fail in wearables if their use cases are not clear.
It seems like both the statistics are more or less at par with each other, and both platforms covers the high and low end of the market with equal demand. It is difficult to say who will lead in later years but sure will change our mindset towards wearables. From ornaments and notification pusher, it is sure that, wearables will become a vital piece of daily life.


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