Space Management Solutions

There is no denying that real estate costs are way higher than most of the other infrastructure costs (check your balance sheets if you don’t believe this !). Even then, surprisingly, most of the organisations are under the delusion that space management is not for them or they don’t even need to worry about it. If you ignore the most vital factor, how could you get the best possible return on your investment ? It’s a simple mathematics.
Most importantly, space management is not at all restricted to any particular industry. IT companies need it just as much as manufacturing companies do.
Our space management solutions empower businesses with the Hardware, Software, Services and Expertise they need to build a sensor based solution for space management of any scale.
These solutions bring transparency in daily operations and optimize your processes by uncovering insights on space usage and staff movements.
How accurate these sensors are? they come with an accuracy of 4m (room level) and battery life of 11 months for card beacons and 2+ years for others types of sensors.




These are bluetooth enabled, small sensors that are capable of providing more accurate location within a narrow range as compared to GPS, Wi-Fi or other wireless technologies. They continuously transmit signals via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). They also exhibit great capabilities in indoor as well as outdoor location applications.


Untitled-1_0001_K3The job of Gateway is to receive feedback from all the sensors in the fleet and making it all easily accessible in the cloud. It uses proprietary ‘Location Engine’ application to track information about the health, performance and movement of every sensor in your proximity infrastructure. Finally, it is sent to the cloud, where it can be monitored it in real time.


Card Sensors


Card Sensors are relatively new and they are considered as the next generation of proximity solutions. They are extremely slim & light in weight with just two millimeters of thickness. They’re no larger than a standard credit card and can comfortably fit in your wallet. These cards are proving to be a smart replacement for traditional ID cards.



The effectiveness of all these technologies cannot be measured without clearly understanding the patterns in this ocean of the data. The analytics section provides you the clear picture of whether these technologies are bringing any improvements or not. And if yes, then of what level? Heat maps, charts, graphs and tables make data interpretation much easier.

We Help You With

Space Assessment

We place sensors at different places and data is captured via card beacons or mobile app.You get the clear view of space utilisation by departments, rooms, spaces, lobby areas etc. along with overall utilization. Instantly check if any workstations, spaces or meeting rooms are vacant or occupied.

Understanding Users

Receive feedback related to lighting, temperature, air quality, technology, furniture, assets, and overall feeling in that space. Also understand the location and frequency of interaction between people. With all this data, you can easily improve the overall worklife for employees.

Space Utilization

Get clear view of space utilization with heat maps and other statistical charts. The solution provides detailed analytics for individuals as well as teams. You can track who is active/inactive in workplace in real-time. Easily optimize the space utilization ratio by taking necessary steps on time. 

Tracking Visitors

Track visitor’s location in real time along with his/her presence within that space. Setup restricted access and monitor whether the protocol is being followed. Also create map of the path taken by visitor and setup triggers if visitor accesses unauthorized areas.


✓ Low Cost : Build a Real-Time Location System at 1/5th the cost of other competing positioning technologies like RFID or WiFi.
✓Easy Integration : Launch faster by building an asset positioning solution on’s scalable Rest API
✓ No Hassle : Ease maintenance and additional costs by leveraging hardware designed to be reliable and integrate seamlessly


Check out the webinar ‘RealTime Asset Tracking with Beacons‘ by ‘‘ in association with ‘Mindbowser’ as a media partner.
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