SmartGoals helps you to keep your goals, dreams, and habits all in one place on your iPhone.


Mobiledia ranks SMART Goals as one of the “Most promising apps to keep your New Year’s Resolutions”! It helps you to keep your goals and dream in one place so you can track its process. Why Keep Goals: Goals give your life purpose. Habits make your character. Dreams make you life extraordinary.


MindBowsser had to adjust each application’s design to fit the pre-established native UI design practices to create an intuitive user experience.
Intuitive UI Elements

This contains an important elements of UX – Dynamic Chart – which tell Goal completion percentage.

Easy Social Sharing

We have ergonomically arranged set of social sharing button, one to tell everyone about your goal and another about goal completion.


Mindbowser &  JSRM apps worked together to create a easy to app that will help people to achieve their goals.

* This app is currently not available on iOS app store as the business is pivoting towards new ideas.

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