What we did:
About Mindworks
Mindworks is a nonprofit organization created by friends whose lives have been transformed and enriched through meditation. Trained by some of the world’s most preeminent Buddhist meditation masters, the founders wanted to share these techniques and knowledge with others. The Platform’s mission is to foster greater happiness and well-being by making meditation relevant for today’s challenges and make it accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere.
The founders come from decades of background in promoting meditation. Upon receiving great demand from their customers for an integrated platform that is available 24X7,Mindworks idea was incepted.

Project Synopsis

Bart and Suzan have great experience when it comes to meditation training. Bart has studied with some of the world’s most respected meditation masters and has taught meditation for more than 35 years throughout the US, Canada and Europe.
During this journey, they realised that there is a huge gap between people looking for positive change in their lives and mentors who will help them get there. To bridge this gap, Mindworks.org was founded with an objective to seamlessly connect people with trainers across the globe without the location barrier.
Considering our last meditation app, ‘Smiling Mind’ reached in hands of 1M+ users, the founders got in touch with Mindbowser for their development requirement. Upon understanding the use cases, we decided to build a simple app with a design that will feel just as soothing and calm as the meditation itself.
Upon understanding the use cases, we decided to build a simple app with a design that will feel just as soothing and calm as the meditation itself.
Mindworks app offers guided meditations to get you started with the process as well as advanced sessions for those who are already familiar with it. The app has compiled numerous mind talks from meditation masters that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Most importantly, users can participate in live events from across the world.
With fully functional admin dashboard, the admin can manage content, trainers, videos and events. It also offers detailed analytics including how many times a particular session has been viewed, average time spent by the user on that session and whether the video was free or paid. Admin can easily track the number of total users, active users, Facebook users and email registered users.

App Designs

Admin Dashboard

App Features

Daily Cup

Enjoy a quick uplifting contemplation as you start each day.

Mind Talks

Short talks help navigate life’s myriad challenges & inspire a joyful state of mind.

Guided Meditations

Step‑by‑step easy to follow instructions to get you started with the meditation.

Mind Trainers

Growing international team of highly accomplished meditation instructors.

Go Solo

Refresh your mind with meditation—anytime, anywhere.

Live Events

Learn how to work with your mind to cultivate lasting positive change.

Technical Features

Secured Database

Unbreachable security with smart and latest security protocols for database protection.

Detailed Analytics

Very own analytics dashboard that provides detailed stats and patterns from the data.

SSL Encryption

SSL Encryption to keep the data flow between app, server and browsers highly secured.

Admin Dashboard

Fully Functional Admin App to manage content, users and all major parameters.

Bitrate Video Streaming

Bitrate Video Streaming to adjust the video quality based on the internet speed.

Local Database

Local database to store desired data locally instead of fetching from server each time.

‘The Video Streaming’ Challenge

While testing MVP, we observed that videos were taking lot of time to load in some cases because of low internet speed. The question was how to tackle this challenge as the internet speed varies from country to country and city to city. So we decided to use  ‘Bitrate video streaming’ technique just like ‘Youtube’. To accomplish this, we uploaded different versions of videos to match different internet speeds. The video quality is adjusted automatically based on the user’s internet speed. This turned out to be a game changer.

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