What we did:

iOS App / Android App / Web Backend

Expertise Required:

Restricted Barcode Scanning/ Location Tracking/ Payment Gateway/ Report Generation

The Mega-App Idea:
Mega-App is a Barcode scanner Asset Protection Programme(MAPP). The application is used to keep the track of the products in the shipping. The valuable information of current possession and location of the product is sent to the owner of the product.
The mobile application users scan the barcodes on the security seals. The scan image is grouped with user details, shipment(product) photos, and GPS location and then sent to the company admin’s email account. The GPS location provides the authenticity of the shipping progress and user information provides the accountability. The photos of the product show the condition at the time of scan.

Problem Statement

The client has given us the following list of problems :


Client wanted to automate substantial business processes. They wanted to automate task assignment, status assignment and data entry.


One of the client’s essential requirement was incorporating features and processes that will led to business accountability. They wanted authentic information of the product in shipping and multilevel hierarchy management.


Client wanted a robust reporting feature that will enable him to easily generate, view and distribute reports across the organization.


Easy payment option of Paypal is available to distributors to register multiple companies on Mega-App portal.
Multiple packages depending on the company needs.
Complex database queries were written to send the tracking information of the scans to all the companies whose users have scanned that particular seal before. This ensures that even if the shipping agency hands over the shipment to some other agency, the tracking of the product is from start to end.
Companies can assign the tasks with details(date, time and seal number) to its employees through web portal. Employees get the email and push notifications on their devices.
Automatic tracking data availability on the portal and emails eliminates the human errors and manipulation.
Application supports the 12 major languages around the globe and ensures rich user experience.
User information attached to the scan pins the accountability.


Design thinking is the air we breath. We evolve the tiniest details into an engaging user experience. Our Brand-led design is more about adding brand and business value than creating an effective design. We cumulated the same, for creating the the app UI/UX. So we started with the pen and the paper. We drew sketches, evaluated them and made change. We repeated this process until we were satisfied with the UX. We then move to wireframes and repeated the process. After doing several iterations of wireframes we started with UI design phase.


We have created user dashboard from where user can manage various features of the application.


Individual Requirements :

Due to world wide client base and unique demands, the challenge was to provide a solution which would satisfy all and yet will be easy to use. The result is a user friendly system which supports major global languages and timezones.

Restricted Barcode Scanning :

To avoid Barcodes other than the selected are not scanned with our mobile applications, which increases authenticity.

Quick Growth :

The growing client base led to frequently changing requirements and exclusive demands. The small application at the start grew rapidly over the little period of time. Our client provides barcodes of some selected types The foreseeing of the potential in the idea and planning accordingly was challenge which was successfully overcome.

Features List

Restricted Barcode Scanning

Payment Gateway

Task Assignment

Data Tracking

Location Tracking

Report Generation


Mindbowser & Mega-App Limited worked together to overcome their business challenge and create a robust security solution.
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