IoT Logistics Solutions

Storage Conditions Control

IoT Logistics Solutions For materials which are sensitive to climate conditions, maintaining climate parameters is of utmost priority. Be it temperature, pressure, humidity or fluid levels. We offer customised solutions based on smart sensors.  

Our solutions will help you maintain following parameters :
Fluid and Gas
Current / Power


IoT Logistics Solutions Chatbots are hot nowadays and they have been making noise in quite many domains including e-commerce, customer service, food delivery and many more. But we believe logistics industry also demands the best possible customer interaction just as any industry. 

Our Chatbot solutions will help you :
Enable your customers to place orders just by chatting with your messenger bot.
Automatically send shipment updates and status.
Reduce manual labour
Achieve excellent customer satisfaction

Traffic and Fleet Management

IoT Logistics Solutions Monitor heavy traffic at ease with our IoT Logistics Solutions for traffic and fleet management. Be it a sea port or road way fleet, monitoring the traffic and mapping the route has never been easy. We use smart location mapping tools which will give you precise coordinates  of your fleet along with it’s latest status.

Our Traffic and Fleet management solutions will help you :
Monitor your fleet few taps
Identify the exact location with roadway sensors
Give drivers traffic and parking information
Identify routes with least traffic

Workforce Management

IoT Logistics Solutions

Great workforce productivity can skyrocket any organization’s growth and logistics is no exception.Our employee tracking solutions enable you to monitor real time location and determine the time spent by employees at various places. These solutions greatly increase the utility per square meter of work space.

Our workforce management solution will help you:

Receive an alert when an unauthorised person enters into restricted area.
Improve safety and mitigate risks
Improve employee productivity
Achieve optimum facility utilisation  

RTLS and Asset Tracking

IoT Logistics Solutions Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) is prominent among other IoT Logistics Solutions. By knowing where assets are located, processes can easily be streamlined. We offer BLE based RTLS solutions across wide array of industries. Our solutions use low priced and easy to integrate BLE beacons to track assets indoor as well as in yards.  

Our RTLS solutions will help you achieve:
Effective Storage
Data Generation
Reduced Errors
Cost Reduction
promising  improvements in operation efficiency, safety and inventory management

Inventory Management


We use Wi-Fi sensors on carriers that are integrated with an inventory management system, so that employees can view individual carrier locations on their mobile devices. In a warehouse, BLE beacons are used to help workers navigate, finding the right item and destination, decreasing errors and wasted time.

Our Inventory management solutions will help you :
Integrate new solution with existing system
Reduced errors and lead time
Identify ideal refilling time
Real time update on counts

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Beacon Management

Use Case

A leading logistics provider from US wanted to build IoT Logistics Solutions to track shipments at the point of collection. The process includes customers booking packages for delivery using the web, telephone or email. The company wanted a field force automation solution with real-time shipment tracking. So we needed to develop a solution that will track shipments in real time, track field employee productivity, achieve operational excellence in hubs and achieve better customer satisfaction.
We developed a field force automation solution with real-time shipment tracking by integrating the features of multiple handheld platforms including GPRS, WLAN and serial connectivity through integration of third-party middleware, dynamic data updates etc. along with easy to deploy sensors and beacons.
This IoT solution derived several benefits for client including excellence in pick up and delivery of shipments, much better on field productivity, enhanced customer experience along with 25% improvement in tracking accuracy.