IoT Insurance Solutions

Insurers now have to reshape their business model from traditional to technologically advanced one because of the rapid innovation that the Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing throughout the economy. IoT Insurance Solutions offer improved risk monitoring, accident prevention, early loss detection, and preventive maintenance with a much better efficiency. Considering the speed of changes IoT is deriving, it is critical to be a innovator across the entire insurance value chain.
We help insurers transform their business and operating models through our IoT Insurance Solutions for better customer retention, growth and profit. Our solutions are designed to help them improve their policy, distribution and claims functions, and benefit from IoT, analytics, mobility, cloud and social media.


Usage Based Insurance

IoT Insurance Solutions

We use ‘telematics’ to create new business models that reduce guesswork and subjectivity. Premiums will be based on aggregated historical data derived from actual processes. Car insurance will be based on the identified driving patterns this will help you set up reward points and flexible premiums.


IoT Insurance Solutions

Homes, office buildings, warehouses and factories have sensors installed to detect hazardous conditions before they occur. We help insurers to “write right risk” and improve loss ratios based on IoT sensors. This will enable you to identify the precise cause behind each and every action. 



We offer the most advanced solutions based on ‘wearables’. We help insurers offer rewards to customers who provide insights into their their daily activity, calorie burn, heart rate and sleep pattern history uploaded daily via ‘wearables’. Get better understanding of risk, more accurate pricing and reduced claims costs.        

Analytics & Cloud

IoT Insurance Solutions

Coupled with powerful new advanced analytics, our claims platform can be used to streamline the claims settlement process, identify fraudulent activity and optimize staffing and resources. In today’s data driven world, insurance need to leverage data platforms to help improve their operations and cloud plays a key role here. 



Almost 50% of the insurance companies who have adopted IoT are using mobile apps to monitor customers’ use of their policies. Mobility is considered as the most commonly used IoT tool for insurers. Our mobility solutions helped numerous insurers connect with their customers in much better and efficient way. 

Human Resource


We also offer onshore and offshore human resource support. Be it fixed pricing model, captive development or the mix of two, we offer solutions to match your exact requirement. We got the best minds with us who are innovators and creative thinkers. Boost your operations with us and achieve the scale you deserve.

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Smart Sensors

Use Case

Mindbowser worked with a prominent player from insurance industry and developed IoT Insurance Solutions using smart watch that tracks user’s health habits and activities throughout the day and uses that data to help policyholders adjust their premiums.
The model rewards lower-risk customers for good behaviour, and financially incentivizes average customers to improve their healthy habits. The client end up getting almost double sign ups as compared to the traditional model because of it’s practicality. The idea was widely accepted and adopted by other insurers because of it’s holistic approach of promoting healthy behaviour among policy holders.

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