IoT Healthcare Solutions

With the emergence of IoT (Internet of Things), the healthcare industry is benefiting from seamless connectivity and latest technology advancements. Be it equipment supplies, patient monitoring, drug delivery, remote surgeries or connectivity of doctors with patients, IoT is transforming healthcare in all possible areas. Our IoT Healthcare Solutions  are proving to be life changing not just for primary treatments but also for patients with terminal illness.
We specialise in IoT Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality, EMS Communications and RTLS among other IoT Healthcare Solutions.


Remote Patient Care

IoT Healthcare Solutions

Latest IoT Healthcare Solutions are now making it possible for patients to get high quality care without ever stepping into a hospital. Patients can use devices powered by the cloud to transmit their condition or ask for advice from a doctor on standby, which will allow both patients and medical professionals to catch dangers early on.

Emergency Medical Service (EMS)

IoT Healthcare Solutions Our EMS solutions allow EMTs and paramedics to stream images and video from the field to awaiting emergency room physicians who can analyse the trauma before arrival and plan the line of treatment. This saves the most critical time for the patient where few minutes can decide the life and death.


IoT Healthcare Solutions

Our RTLS solutions use badges that can track patients, staff and medical devices. Never lose sight of your important assets when you most need them. In addition to real-time location services we also help you track environmental conditions within a facility using sensors for monitoring and controlling the major factors.

Physician Network

IoT Healthcare Solutions

A Quality treatment requires a team of professionals working closely with each other. With IoT technology, we power you with a virtual network of physicians that will create a hub to connect physicians from multiple hospital locations across the country.


IoT Healthcare Solutions

With our IoT Healthcare Solutions using cloud, healthcare professionals can store and access data remotely. This allows them to apply necessary care without delay. Along with this, remote conferencing, up-to-the-second updates on healthcare developments and patient condition is enabling doctors to save precious life-saving minutes.

Smart Devices

IoT Healthcare Solutions

With smart devices, we greatly  focus on preventive health care too. Track calories, activities and fitness goals with our smart device solutions. A watch that helps you track your fitness as you go with your routine and a cup that measures your calorie consumption as you drink your shake, we help you prevent future ailments with smart devices.

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Mindbowser worked with a client and developed Endoluxe, a solution with IoT that provides an ultra-portable endoscopic visualization platform with HIPAA-compliant cloud-based data storage. The system works with all analog endoscopes to offer clinicians both white light and narrow band imaging.
Endoluxe empowers the physician-surgeon with the ability to perform endoscopic procedures in any setting, at any moment, with an integrated suite of software features connected within the cloud.

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