Google I/O 2015: Android Wear Highlights

Google I/O 2015 has created quite a sensation in the Android market announcing the launch of Android Wearables, IOT Brillo, Android M and many more, giving the developers a leap to look forward to in this year. The functions, features and hardwares Google I/O has talked about, includes various upgradation and comebacks which we would be seeing this 2015 like the chromecast with 1billion data, 2 new Nexus phone launch, google cardboard, etc. In short, there is a lot to take away from Google I/O this time.
It would be huge to talk about everything that Google is planning to do, the biggest push made this year, is in the wearable league of things. Though Google has faltered at times on its SmartTV and Google glass, this time they seem  better prepared. Here is a glimpse of what Google showcased at the I/O with reference to wearables.
Apps on Google Android Wear..
Google gave an update that there will be 4000+ apps available to download soon.
New Apps launch with Ok Google voice Command..
Google also announced some new apps launching for Wear in the coming months, including Uber, FourSquare and Citymapper.
Apps like Uber will be actionable with Ok Google voice commands too.
Supporting Wi-Fi..
The android Wear will have Wi-Fi support which means flicking the switch for Wi-Fi (which had been dormant in Android Wear since the beginning) will finally activate the Wi-Fi capabilities of some of the current crop of Android Wear smartwatches. It clearly states that you can access the android wear with the bluetooth anywhere.
Android Wear Lollipop..
Google also announced its 5.1 Android Wear Lollipop update Android M (Macedonian Nut Cookie) for all its wearables.
Face Emojis..
Emojis has always been a source to send expressions, Google has given a new look to it. We can now draw our own emoji on the screen of our smartwatch and Android Wear 5.1 will convert it into the actual emoji we were after. Cool!!
Gesture Control with the flick of the wrist..
The Android Wear 5.1 update will add gesture controls so we can simply flick our wrist to scroll through the stream.
The App Picker..
The most useful new feature which Google will introduce is a new app picker and quick contacts screen. This  will appear in a side-swiping list alongside Google actions. The first screen we will see is the app picker, swiping left will get us to the contacts then the google commands.
Battery, and Life..
In the Google I/O 2015 we can see that Google has focused a lot on battery and life of the system, a main nude target on the Android M, which will also be a focus on the Android wearable.
With all the new features and functionalities,  Google’s new turn towards its lost Market in Wearables seems to make a remarkable change to capture the open Wearable platform again.


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