Continuous learning is the key to continuous growth. Research is not just about ‘re-searching’ what people have already done but finding new solutions to problems. Innovation is what enables us to see the unforeseen. Discover your next eureka moment with us. We make your business tomorrow-proof by forecasting future trends today itself.
Be it AI, IoT, mobility, connected things or cloud, we put innovation to work for you with our R&D lab. We play around with MVPs and prototypes with design sprints within few days of conceptualization. This make the end outcome best in it’s class. Our R&D Group focuses on simplifying complex things and make them easy to implement and deploy.
Building a MVP


Our R&D team has been working on multiple healthcare solutions. We have done extensive research and developed solutions in the area of smart endoscopy, smart medical labs, network of experts, wearables, eHealth etc.
R&D Logistics
Our area of research in logistics revolves around connected logistics, storage conditions control using sensors, RTLS, connected workforce, assets tracking and monitoring, data analytics etc.
We research and develop solutions like smart sensors, beacons, automation and analytics tools that will make your employee’s work lives safer, easier and much more productive. We also focus on cutting down energy and operational costs.
Our R&D team is striving to enhance shopping experience for your customers. We have succeeded in achieving high level customer engagement for brick and mortar stores using latest technologies.

Use Cases


The client was working on an online recruitment tool which can assess and shortlist candidates and connect them with companies. But the project was stalled because of the incapability of previous developer to meet client’s expectations. After analysing the scenario, our team decided to revamp the project from the scratch. We researched and experimented around spring cloud, AWS, semantic search and Angular 2.
Our research team also worked on figuring out functionalities which are non existent in the the same space. We came up with functionalities and technologies to take user engagement to the next level.


Client wanted to build a portal that will allow real fans to buy and trade reservations on tickets to high demand events like sports playoffs and championships. Upon extensive research, Mindbowser came up with a solution that will offer a win-win solution for both passionate fans and right holders. We had to assess various technology solutions which we can integrate in the project. The portal needed to handle the heavy traffic while simultaneously creating easy access for fans and new revenue streams for teams, leagues and event creators.
The portal being a winner in this category, Client grabbed a funding of around $4 million.

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