Technology is changing the game in almost all industries, and companies that adapt and manage their technology and talent pool in best ways possible will have the competitive edge. We help you find the right talent for your organization. We screen candidates by providing coding exercises to test their coding skills and understand their level of experience.
Be it Mobile Engineer, Backend Engineer, Frontend Engineer, Software Developer or Manager, we help you find the best talent from all major domains and experiences. More than 200 companies including leading global players have trusted us for their technical recruitment.


We offer expert opinion to help you hire the best talent. Our simple to follow steps will help you hire the next superstar of your company.
Fixed Pricing
We analyse your requirement and come up with a fixed cost for the same. We help you hire candidates by screening them for their skills and problem solving abilities.
Captive Development Centre
We help you build Captive Development Centre to carry your operations. This model is very cost effective and also offers complete control over operations.
Hybrid Model
Based on client's requirements, we can also come up with a customized hybrid model to achieve the desired result. This will be a combination of fixed cost and captive development.

Use Cases

Captive Unit

When a client providing unique surveys to earn points for free gift cards from major brands like Starbucks, Visa, Amazon etc. approached us, he was not happy with the previous developer. The project was lagging behind by 2-3 months and there were bugs which still needed to be fixed. Upon understanding the scenario, we provided a solution of building a captive development unit at our centre.
We allocated a dedicated team for the project. As a result, the project was completed in stipulated time while saving 20% of the pre-defined cost. The client was delighted throughout the development process because of the control offered by the captive development unit.

Hybrid Model

Client wanted to build a solution for realtors which will help them grow their business with easy to use website builder and great content. Upon understanding client’s requirement, we analysed various options to start with the development process and decided to go for the hybrid model because of the flexibility it offers.
This approached proved to be a game changer as client was able to monitor over the team and the fixed pricing gave the peace of mind. Our team succeeded in exceeding client’s expectations in all areas from development to the delivery.

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