App development Report 2015 of ContractIQ – Summary

App development is a highly lucrative market owing to the diverse approach business and developers are taking to solve the problem and bring comfort and convenience to everyday tasks. Mobile commerce can be found everywhere and this trend of mobile apps is becoming the new revenue generator for companies.
We recently participated in ContactIq survey  and found some interesting trends coming out in the 2015 Mobile Application Development report .
Due to the increase in demand of every business to reach their audience through mobiles, it is believed that there will be price hike of 5-10% in App Development in 2015.
  Furthermore, The Report also highlights the fact about the price range differentiation for different countries. North America and Canada stands out as the most high priced app developing country, whereas India and Indonesia charge five times lesser.
Software Development is indeed a huge labor arbitrage, The figures above are not the price of the initial development but the maintenance work and adding features to the minimum functionality utility.
With technologies and platforms constantly changing, every application must adapt to upgrades to keep their users happy. As, there is a low entry barrier in the app development market, you need to have the first mover advantage to hit the nail right on the head.
Check Here for the full Mobile App Development Report.

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