An oath towards building traffic free roads in India by Rajkumar Mundel and Averi Pal Choudhury@Startup Grind.

“Whenever u peep through the window of any private car on the road, there is bound to be one or two seats empty. Today in India, in metro cities almost 80% of the families are nuclear family. In the age of nuclear families, even if whole family is in the car, there is a possibility of a seat still vacant. Why not just fill up these seats, and reduce the number of cars, reduce the honking horns, reduce the traffic jams and work towards building a greener place to breathe in for our future generations to come.” – Rajkumar Mundel is working towards the path to remove the hiccups in ride-sharing by making it a social process. At startup Grind Rajkumar Mundel CEO, and Averi Pal Choudhuri, Co Founder,, shared their dream to have a free flowing traffic and double the ride sharing in India. With the exponential growth of vehicles in every city, it is with much difficulty that we are able to commune. Taking note of this persistent problem of the India roads, Rajkumar and Averi have taken the step to create a platform for a very obvious but rarely used carpooling system.
Averi Pal Choudhuri ( Startup Grind Pune
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